Best FX Brokers

Best FX Brokers

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best FX Brokers


Whether you are a veteran investor in the world of financial markets and trading, or who want to be part of the world of profit and investment, you must search for the best forex company in existence to put your money and make your investments in it. But in front of the enormous number of existing companies and forex companies that appear every day, it must become a little difficult and needs a lot of thinking .. Here we will help you and offer you everything you need to know to choose the best forex companies in our Arab world and the world so let's go


How do I choose Forex brokers?

This of course is one of the first questions that will come to your mind, as you will put your money and enter your personal and credit information even with a forex company, so it must be the best reliable Forex company.

Here there are a number of points that we must look at when selecting the best Forex brokers

Security and protection of your rights:

When you read reviews and evaluations of Forex companies that spoil web pages, you must first verify their security to know to what extent your rights are protected. That is, if there is any problem with you or a fraud, you must know where to go to obtain your rights, so you have to look for licenses for the company that you are considering, these licenses and regulations that are granted by international financial regulatory bodies that impose on forex companies the laws and in case they violate them are withdrawn Including these licenses are being legally litigated and restoring your rights.

Any company that you find has multiple and strong licenses is a reliable forex company, while if you do not know which company is organizing it, move away from it quickly.

Its commissions and transfer expenses:

Regardless of the type of investment you want, you must carefully evaluate the forex companies looking for the lowest commission and pay close attention to the transfer fees, as there are many companies that are considered to have a high conversion cost, and of course you do not want to waste your profits in fees and transfers. Financial.

Mechanism of deposits and withdrawals in each Forex company:

We can consider this point related to the precedent, as it relates to the way in which you deposit or withdraw your money, and here you have to note that the best forex companies do not have any problems during the deposit and withdrawal processes. Read the reviews of forex companies well and watch what people who have financially dealt with them wrote, the client He writes his experience.

Here, deposits and withdrawals must be easy, fast, and specific for a period of time that the forex company cannot exceed.

Trading platforms for the best forex companies:

The best global and reliable forex companies offer their clients the most stable and easy-to-use platforms, and this is the first thing that you should do when you read a review or evaluation of forex companies is to check their platform and its compatibility with computers and smartphones in addition to the most important point, which is is this platform It provides news and market analysis, and does it display price changes quickly or is it slow and intermittent?

Customer service has:

Since you will invest in a forex company, and let's say that it is one of the best forex companies out there, it is possible that you will encounter some problems in your account or in the platform, this matter is possible. Here, you must contact customer service to solve the matter for you to extract a lifetime investment, or to complete the withdrawal of your profits or other things. Of course, you do not want to contact customer service and do not find anyone who answers or supports you at this time. Be careful, it is possible that customer service will be good and after dealing you find that they are very bad, so see the evaluation of forex companies and take advantage of what others have faced.

Speed ​​in order execution:

It is important and necessary for the forex company you are considering to be quick to send market updates and most importantly to be quick to execute the purchase orders. If you see a number for a specific currency pair that suits you and you buy, then you buy with it, not to be late in the execution of the order, then you buy at a higher price and face an unwanted loss Out.

What are the most important regulatory bodies to which the best forex companies are subject:

When you read the forex companies guide or search on the sites for the best forex company, you will find in the end that this company has been regulated by one of the bodies, and until you know what are the best financial bodies and the most organized and strict in their laws, we will list the most important financial regulatory bodies to which companies are subject Forex Around the World:

The best financial regulators in the world:

The National Futures Association of America (NFA) and the Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) It is worth noting that there are few companies that are regulated by the United States.
The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FAC) and the UK Reliability Regulatory Authority (PRA) are among the most stringent regulators around the world.
Australian Securities Commission (ASIC).
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cysec) It must be mentioned that more than most of the Forex companies have been regulated by this body.
Australian Securities Commission (ASIC)
Association of Financial Intermediaries (ARIF) and the Federal Authority for the Supervision of Swiss Securities (FINMA)
French Financial Market Authority (AMF)

This group is considered to be the guaranteed bodies that seek to achieve financial transparency, you can find in brokerage companies with unknown licensing bodies. From the regulatory bodies mentioned above to be in the safety zone.

Arab regulatory bodies:

During the past decade, financial regulatory bodies have been established in regions of the Arabian Gulf in an effort to ensure the transparency of financial transactions and protect the rights of their Arab citizens and clients. Have offices in it.

How do I know the evaluation of forex companies:
We have mentioned to you the phrase “evaluation of forex companies” many times, but how will you know it is very simple and you can know it, as many forex websites make reviews and evaluations for forex companies, especially global ones that enable clients to put their opinions and evaluate all aspects of the company from its licenses, platforms, education, Customer service in it, the types of accounts in it, and of course its commission. And keep in your mind that unreliable companies or those who have done the fraud will write their customers about them and evaluate them negatively through all the communication and Internet platforms to talk about their negative experience in it in detail, while good companies will write their customers about their successful experience with them.
Forex Brokers Directory:
Choosing the best forex companies is not difficult, but it is a matter that takes time and good research, and here we always strive to provide you with the best and most reliable information and of course to simplify the matter for you,
If you are looking for the best forex company, through this directory of forex companies we will provide you with a list of the most important reliable forex and trading companies in the Arab world and the whole world, which is explained as follows:



Company Name Main Office Max Leverage Regulation Website
NYC 1:500 MFSA, FSC Click Here
  1:400 ASIC, FCA, IIROC Click Here
CYPRUS 1:888 CySEC Click Here